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Health Insurance

Charlotte HealthShare offers a refreshingly different healthcare experience for employers. Addressing the rising costs of health insurance for small to medium sized businesses – while improving the access to quality health services for employees – Typical savings are between 30-50%!


Freedom to choose your own doctors and providers. Advisors help you plan and navigate your health needs.


Huge reduction in administrative costs and streamlined processes create savings for employers & employees.


Employees get more involved and take control of their health through improved access to health services.

Who We Are

Charlotte HealthShare was created by employers and employees just like you! Our frustration with the current healthcare system brought us to this opportunity. We believe there is a better way to align the interests of healthcare providers and people needing health services.

We offer innovative solutions that address the skyrocketing costs of health insurance while improving access to quality health services for employees. Charlotte HealthShare is committed to providing excellent customer service and putting healthcare first. Join us in our passion to change the status quo!

For Employers

We offer a complete healthcare solution and save people money along the way! Our solution is a membership model that provides for transparency and choice for employees and their families.

The solution combines the advantages of trusted and proven service models like Direct Primary Care for everyday needs and Medical Cost Sharing for unexpected needs like injury and illness. We also utilize a technology platform and customer service personnel to help deliver a superior

For Employees

We combined the advantages of two proven healthcare models and created an unparalleled healthcare experience for employees and their families. Employees simply choose a direct primary care (DPC) relationship coupled with a health-sharing membership.

Your primary care provider is your first stop and where you spend most of your time and energy when it comes to maintaining your health. Health-sharing is designed as cost protection, allowing you to extend quality direct care beyond the primary and preventive care when the unexpected big stuff happens.

Why It’s Better

Direct Primary Care is an innovative way to approach primary care without insurance hassles. By paying a monthly membership fee (rather than insurance copays and subsequent bills), patients typically receive comprehensive primary care services.

The health sharing industry is growing quickly, with one million members nationwide accessing one billion dollars in sharing. Participants reduce medical costs through smart lifestyle choices. Using proven provider negotiation, health sharing provides members with high-end services while lowering monthly expenses and out-of-pocket costs. Members have the freedom to choose their own doctor, visit well-regarded medical providers and typically still see that the total cost of healthcare is 30-50% less.

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